Second visit of Mark Phipps in 2018

Mark Phipps Septiembre 2018 La Santa Surf

New visit by Mark Phipps to the factory of La Santa Surf in Lanzarote. On this occasion we will have the Australian shaper from September 15 to 30 to collect all the orders they want to make. A new opportunity to have a totally customized surfboard, of optimum quality and made by one of the best shapers of today.

As always, we invite you to order your surfboard in time. And if you can come to the factory to speak directly with Mark Phipps, you are welcome.

Mark Phipps will be in Lanzarote picking up orders from September 15, 2018.

For more information contact our manager Manuel Lezcano Cruz by email, also by WhatsApp or calling 608 591 904.

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