La Santa Surf Factory

Shapers Jeff Doc, Mark Phipps, Brian Bulkley, Jeff Bushman, Brian Ingham or Matt Barrow have passed through our factory to create her best surfboards.


Meet our heart, guts where La Santa Surf boards are forged. Our facilities are located in Soo,Lanzarote. A small village on the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

Since 1996 we work to offer surfboards excellent quality and manufactured by the top shapers. We try to make our work a reflection of our brand that evokes feelings: freedom, excellence and respect.

Below you will see some of our facilities, machinery and finishing of the tables, as well as many surfers with their boards fresh from our factory.

Come to meet us, we are happy to show you our facilities and history of La Santa Surf.


bulkley-la-santa-surf-2 factory-santa-surf