A bit our history

La Santa Surf in Lanzarote was born in 1996 at the hands of a team of professionals and surfers who decided to start our own project because they believed in the potential of the islands for the practice of this sport and lifestyle .
Thus, for the company adopted the name of one of the most well known by surfers worldwide zones Canaries: La Santa.

From La Santa Surf tried to make our work a reflection of our brand that evokes feelings : freedom, excellence and respect . So we function as an organization in which the whole is important and anyone who is part of it , shares in his footsteps.

We want to be part of the lifestyle of our customers, so we adapt to your needs and act according to them. Because they are the engine of this company dedicated to the wholesale distribution of clothing , organizing sporting events, manufacturing surfboards and surf schools offer

La Santa Surf is born on the beach among surfers , windsurfers and skaters brand , hence one of its biggest bets of promoting sporting events.

After 14 years of existence , we continue to have clear feelings towards the sport , and every year we create new projects and challenges for its outstanding quality and personal contact.

We focus on the organization of sporting events of great importance to European and worldwide as the Santa Pro WQS 6 Stars Prime, SantaProJunior 3 Stars, PWA Costa Teguise , Santa Tow -in Invitational and Famara KitePro . Not forgetting the multitude of local and regional tests that support year after year.

The consolidation of this brand in the domestic market surfer has been achieved with a large and hard work of our family of La Santa Surf , putting at all times the maximum ourselves and with the help of our friends and riders.

We never forget our origins , we know where we came from and where we are going . The world will know where are the Canary Islands, the world will know us, the surfing Santa lives , breathes surf Lanzarote and the Canaries are Surf .